Sweatin Rust Metal Creations Announces Exciting Launch Offering Stunning Metal Art Creations

Bouncing back after a great personal challenge and tragedy craftsman and artist Jerry Diaz has combined his passion and skills to create Sweatin Rust Metal Creations, where he creates amazing welded metal art for very happy customers.

Sometimes people discover themselves after having “to cross the abyss” of deep struggle. This is the case of Jerry Diaz, who suffered from a spinal cord injury in 2011 after an attempt to take own life, which left him the chance to not only work through the problems he was facing but also the need to find a vocation and a way to express himself creatively.  The end result is Sweatin Rust Metal Creations. Sweatin Rust Metal Creations offers welded and formed metal art that is both beautiful, thought-provoking, and unique.  His work is available at the new Sweatin Rust Metal Creations online store, where it is made to order.

“I knew I wanted to work with my hands and a few different things came to mind,”  commented the passionate and driven Diaz.  “I had known how to weld a bit so pursued it really after seeing a commercial for a school in my home city of Orlando.  The art of welding just kind of came to me, experimenting with leftover pieces of metal projects and it was just energizing. My first was a little metal skateboard and my teacher immediately encouraged me to continue to explore where metal art would take me. The response that I’ve received from people who appreciate my work has been very satisfying.  Now Sweatin Rust Metal Creations will be a way to help make more people aware of what I’m doing with metal art.”

Diaz is quite versatile in the art he has and can create, with different pieces that can appeal to those with widely varied tastes.  Probably is most popular, according to the artist, metal fabricator and welder so far, has been his different versions of metal roses and flowers, which make for a unique romantic gift that certainly will stand the test of time. He has also made a number of trophies for WCMX tournaments that have left winners seriously impressed.

Sweatin Rust Metal Creations encourages potential clients to reach out and discuss a project in their mind, which they can be sure, if accepted, Diaz will pour his heart and soul into to make sure it is something very special.

The feedback for his work has been completely positive and full of enthusiasm.

Tony Torres, recently said, in a five-star review, “Jerry is truly creative and sees past the metal to fabricate unique works of art.”

For more information be sure to visit https://sweatinrustmetalcreations.com.

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